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Accomplished Maryland Attorney Handles Family Law Issues

Annapolis firm helps clients move forward when a marriage ends

When a marriage ends, emotions run high. It’s not the most opportune time to address key legal issues, which is why it is crucial to retain an attorney who will assert your rights effectively. At Koslow Law Firm, LLC in Annapolis, my clients in Anne Arundel County and throughout Maryland receive responsive counsel from an experienced lawyer in all types of family law matters. I am committed to providing exceptional advocacy in divorces, custody disputes and a full range of domestic legal concerns. Whether your situation is amicable or highly contested, my firm makes sure that you have the guidance you need to meet your current and future goals.

Dedicated lawyer provides comprehensive divorce support

No one ever looks forward to divorce, but with the proper representation, you can reach a resolution that creates a solid foundation for the next chapter in your life. My firm advises Maryland clients on issues such as:

  • Grounds — In what Maryland law calls absolute divorce, spouses seeking to dissolve their marriage can choose no-fault grounds such as separation or mutual consent. Alternatively, they can file based on traditional allegations including adultery and desertion. I will evaluate the facts in your case and help you decide how to proceed.
  • Property division — Maryland allocates marital assets and debts based on the principle of equitable distribution. This means that if the parties cannot agree, the court looks at a variety of factors and determines what is fair. Depending on the circumstances, this might not be an even split, so I will work to ensure that the court has a proper accounting of assets.
  • Alimony — Financial support for ex-spouses is usually based on what a judge believes a recipient wife or husband needs to regain the ability to earn a living. The duration of the marriage, each party’s earning ability, and other factors are considered. If a dispute exists, I will aggressively litigate for an appropriate outcome.

No matter what has led to the end of your marriage, I will deliver strong, supportive counsel that eases the burden on you and your children.

Compassionate advocate pursues appropriate child custody terms

If you’re a parent, nothing is more important to you than the well-being of your son or daughter. Whether you and your partner were married or not, I will assist you in obtaining appropriate arrangements for physical and legal custody. Often, my firm can resolve complex questions so that each parent can maintain strong bonds with the children they share. If litigation is necessary, I will prepare a comprehensive argument to maximize the chance for a custody and visitation plan that truly serves your child’s best interests. When conflicts exist regarding child support or you need an existing order modified, I ensure that the court has accurate information.

Experienced adviser assists divorcing spouses in mediation proceedings

My firm is focused on putting each client in the best possible position to move ahead in their life. Often, this can be achieved by resolving a divorce outside of court. Using processes such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative divorce, I help clients avoid the time, expense and aggravation associated with matrimonial litigation. My firm works closely with spouses to find the right option. In mediation, I represent individuals before a neutral third party who is trained to help spouses reach consensus on custody and property division. Arbitration is similar in many ways, but decisions are made by the arbitrator in the same way that a judge would. During collaborative divorce, the parties agree to cooperate in order to share information and settle matters amicably.

Thorough counselor creates fair prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements

Establishing a marital agreement can save you from serious financial harm should you decide to divorce at some point. Contrary to what you might think, prenuptial and post-nuptial documents are not just for the wealthy. Many people of moderate means benefit from determining how marital property should be allocated. A fair, authoritative document takes the guesswork and litigation out of these matters, giving each party a clear understanding of their situation if they choose to divorce. My firm prepares thorough marital agreements customized to your situation.

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Koslow Law Firm, LLC represents Maryland clients in family law matters, including divorce, child custody and marital agreements. Please call 443-333-1724 or contact me online to schedule an appointment at my office in Annapolis.

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